AlphaNumerix is your best source for professional, value driven low cost word processing and transcription services.

Established by Tom Burdan,  AlphaNumerix has a quarter of a century of experience, long before the words entrepreneurship, the Internet and home-based businesses were a common part of our language.

Tom has extensive background in computer-related applications and training as well as business development and marketing. His graduate work in statistics and research has again and again brought a unique perspective to AlphaNumerix.

AlphaNumerix has served numerous clients over the years. Many included small business entrepreneurs such as editors, authors and consultants. Large corporations have included such names as Sybase, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, The Pacific Stock Exchange, nVIDIA, Newsweek, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Forbes, Hambrecht & Quist, C|Net, Porter Novelli, Maximum PC and many others.

AlphaNumerix provides a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.