Jeanie Ulicny, Ulicny Financial Consulting [client since 1999]

Top qualities: Great results, expert, on-time

"Tom not only gets the job done, he is meticulous in his work. My firm serves financial services firms and the material Tom transcribes for us is highly technical and very complex. I am amazed at Tom's ability to decipher and anticipate the meaning of the comments that he transcribes. He is intuitive, incredibly intelligent and always professional. I give him my highest recommendation." 
---September 7, 2009

Jeff McMeekin, Sun Microsystems Engineer [client since 1994]

Top qualities: Great results, good value, on-time

"I've probably worked with Tom over at least a 10 year period, ranging from occasional jobs to once or twice a month over a couple of year period. I've always thought he did a great job transcribing. Much of what he transcribed had a lot of jargon but Tom caught on quickly and clearly highlighted any areas he was unclear about. He wasn't particularly expensive and offered turnaround that met my needs. Highly recommended--competent, responsive, meticulous person."
---February 13, 2009

Karen Breslau, Newsweek [client since 2002]

Top qualities: Great results, on-time, high integrity

"I have used Tom Burdan's services in my work for several national magazines. He is meticulous, talented, reliable and extremely responsive to the often tight deadlines my work as a journalist requires. Tom is a thorough professional and a delight to work with. I couldn't recommend him more highly."
---February 16, 2009

Edwin Hacking, Video Producer [client since 1994]

Top qualities: Great results, good value, on-time

"As a corporate video producer I work in a field where my projects always have a fast turnaround and deadline. Many of these video projects are broken down into various stages, one of them is having transcripts created from customer testimonials or interviews. Tom Burdan has been creating transcripts for our projects for the last 12 years. Tom consistently responds with accuracy, and speed, as well as a competitive price. I can't say enough about his transcription service."
---March 31, 2009

Adam Richmond, Administrative Assistant [client since 1991]

Top qualities: Great results, expert, good value

"I would trust Tom Burdan to tackle numerous complicated word processing and data entry projects. It became clear that we would never have to proofread his work as it was always perfect. I highly recommend Tom."
---February 6, 2009
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